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POS Tagger and Morphological Analyzer for Korean text based research. It provides tools for corpus linguistics research such as Keystroke converter, Hangul automata, Concordance, and Mutual Information. It also provides a convenient interface for users to apply, edit and add morphological dictionary selectively.

  • Interfacing with opensource Hannanum analyzer.
  • Some twiks are applied on Hannanum analyzer for bigger or flexible user dictionary for Sejong project and NIADic.
  • Many other functions for Korean text analysis like keystroke conversion, is.jamo, is.hangul, Hangul antomata…

Some of Korean tutorials are on my blog, English pages are mainly on wiki.

Tutorials & Documentations

Machine Learning with TensorFlow(R version)

This is the unofficial code repository for Machine Learning with TensorFlow with R.

This repository is for practicing R tensorflow modeling exercises. I’m personally writing this code for me to know that there are some areas where you can get the benefits of R, and that the code in the book may contain partially improved or experimented code. (example: CNN model view )

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